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Integrate Django with NodeJS?

There is some article talk about how to integrate Django with NodeJS. As we know, Django is great and powerful for certain tasks but in term of speed and multitask. We may need something else. I don’t know much about NodeJS … Continue reading

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How to verify Authentication with Facebook Token

First we need to understand what is going on when user submit the request using their facebook account for login 1) User submit the REQUEST using their Facebook account The mobile app or website will send a “Request” to Facebook … Continue reading

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How to setup Facebook Oauth

When we create an Application, we should also consider to let people using their Facebook account for Sign-in purpose. In that case, we need to setup Facebook Oauth. First you have to create developer account in Facebook. Go to http://developers.facebook.comContinue reading

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How to deploy Django app in Heroku

You just create a Django app, you want to publish it and show it to public. Heroku is one of the popular place you can host your site there. But you need to know how to deploy it. Here is … Continue reading

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Unable to “import matplotlib.pyplot as plt” in virtualenv

If you see the same issue (See the error message below) when you try to import matplotlib.pyplot in the Virtualenv, the following solution could be used as workaround >>> import matplotlib.pyplot as plt Traceback (most recent call last): File “”, … Continue reading

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